25 January 2010

Richfields - PreNovice Champ Class

Well I got all ambitious & entered the champ class at Richfields... Yes, yes, I know, I've only done 2 Pre Novices & 1 Open PC but still! LOL

Dressage was actually really good after a very tense warmup, he was more interested in what the broodmares were doing a few paddocks over, they were running around when we were walking over for our dressage. Lucky he likes to show off in the dressage arena and put on a really good test for for 39.71 penalty points, which put us just 7points behind the leaders who were on 32.9. Good start and shows that my least favourite phase is getting stronger! He did however feel like he was a fraction too fit and could easily have gone for another hour... hmmm not good for XC day LOL

Cross Country unfortunately was a bit of a difference in opinion between us. His version is that you should go as fast as possible and not slow down at any stage. However this did mean that we had 2 run outs, one when I dropped my reins when he did a big leap over a roll top which was 5 strides to a skinny on a curve (totally my fault!) but then we had our second run out at the bottom of the hill when he landed after the roll top & tried to take off again, however there was only 3 strides before an ugly palisade which he literally slid into as he was just going to fast and it completely caught him by surprise. I think for next time I will make sure I am sitting up in combinations and NOT letting him run on, he wasn't even remotely prepared for it, so again, my fault but not helped by over cocky horse! He sailed through the water which was the most technical we've ever had, so was super proud of him. I made sure I kept my reins over the rest of the curved lines and we did them all no worries. Shame it took so long to get into our stride on the course, I think I got a bit frantic and shut down when I couldn't get him to slow up. Time for a new bit me thinks!!

Show Jumping was ok, very tight tough course that they had run the earlier 2 non champ prenovice classes over, which had then lead it to be completely cut up by the time it was our classes turn. There were slide marks everywhere! Flynn was clear up until the liverpool, 3 strides out he was fine, 2 strides out he saw the cut up ground & just hesitated for a second, which was enough to start us sliding as I didn't have front studs in. Unfortunately we had that stop & we had 1 rail at the planks which were off a tight corner. I could have ridden the corner a lot better, all in all Richfields gave us lots to work on which is always good when you know you can fix those mistakes! :)

No photos, I can't find where I've downloaded them to!

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