25 January 2010

Update - since I suck at keeping this updated

I took Flynn home to Masterton so that we could mosey around on the farm over the Xmas, we went for big hacks with Mandy, out along the ruamahunga river, and also up the big hill at the back of the farm. We jumped streams and chased sheep and had a blast!

On the sad side of things, I have decided to sell my darling horse. I put everything I have, into what I do with him and although I do really love it & he really is my one in a million horse, I just can't do it any longer. I was lucky enough to have Richard propose to me last year, and I'd love to be in a position where we could pay for a wedding sooner rather than later, maybe have a holiday, or even just buy some clothes for a change! I am too competitive to want to just hack around at home, I know I'd go crazy and Flynn's only 7 years old and going so well, that I'd be silly not to take the opportunity to sell him. He'll be going on the market very soon, I'm hoping Angela will market him for me as I just can't do it myself, I'd cry everytime someone got out of the car! So on that note, here are some photos of Flynn over the years

First Day

6 months later

First Outing - TiPapa Winter SJing (3 years old - thought he was 4 at the time, didn't realise he was so young!!)

First Jumping Lesson - Kirstin Kelly (4 years old)

Hopuhopu SJing (5 years old)

Relaxing in the stream at Hunua (5 years old)

Tip & Out Adult Ride (6 years old)

Hunua HT (6 years old)

Taupo XC Schooling (7 Years Old)

Puhinui HT (7 years old)

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FeetNZ said...

What a wonderful series of photos of your lovely pony, and what you have developed him into.