07 January 2010

Te Rapa Training 3rd & 4th October

Well, for our first start back, we really did have the worst weather! Flynn went through 3 covers that turned out to be no longer waterproof & I went through 3 jackets, also no longer waterproof. They ended up having commercial tractors in towing people out as their tractor was also getting stuck. Flynn was good in the dressage, Louise videod it for me and apart from one minor athletic moment in the left rein canter, he was an angel. However didn't mark very well at all and ended up 18th after the dressage. I quickly went & did the show jumping so that we could be over & done with before the weather packed in big time, so glad I did! Clear SJing and Flynn was just lovely to ride, we had the perfect canter and it was adjustable! Completely stoked with my boy, this put us into 8th place after the SJ. It poured down all night, never seen the grounds look so wet, thick mud everywhere. The one saving grace with the WEC being on the side of the Waikato river, the ground under the mud was holding up really well. Flynn went clear XC, however we were held up halfway round the course as the ground had come away on the side of one of the crossings. This incurred us time faults, so we finished 6th. Got a nice brush and a lovely rosette, was a lovely finish to the weekend

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