07 January 2010

Whangarei Pre Novice 24th & 25th October

Made the hike up to Whangarei and happily, my little truck made it too! Bit slow but we got there :D

Flynn's dressage was good, he even got an 8 from Judith Mathews for his lengthened trot! 31.3%, good pony! 6th after the dressage

Clear SJing which was a relief as again there was carnage in the SJ, 7 clear rounds this time though, but had us sitting 3rd place going into the XC.

Cross country - the course was a nice course, there was just the 1 jump out the back that I really didn't like, log on ground, with just 1 more raised full height log a metre out & you could see through both of them to the short sharp downhill on the other side. Angela cheered me up by saying that 12 year olds do it all the time. Well that worked! PMSL Flynn went clear which was fantastic, exactly what we both needed. Such a nice feeling having both of us feel confident! LOL

Not sure how, but we ended up winning! YAY!

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